Brand Visualization - Logos, Visuals and Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. It makes the story more flawless and effective and gives a better understanding. Sometimes it gets hard to explain everything by writing, it is then when an image comes in handy. It helps to justify facts, statistics, show comparisons and to tell stories.

Scotiabank Pug

Scotiabank promoted their ‘Scene card’ with this brand image and got an astounding response. This picture grabbed so many eyes and it was so successful in promoting their scene points program by providing free movies and meals by collecting points. It has some humor quotient and attained a lot of attention as well. A pug wearing sunglasses with a popcorn and a cold drink in his hands watching a movie was a fantastic idea. It also succeeded in building a relationship with dog lovers.


Fleur Jong Athlete

Under Armour did such a great job with this brand image. Not only did they promote sports but ‘Paralympics’ as well. They posted this picture with the title “Rule Yourself” which itself is so motivating. It served the purpose, as it tries to convey to never give up. It was a master stroke by the brand to name a Paralympian as a brand ambassador. It did something that other brands would hesitate to do. It also communicated the message to overcome obstacles and never quit. It encourages people to stay healthy and be strong. This helped the company to connect emotionally with the audience and create a more reliable relationship.

If you’ve any other amazing story about a brand imagery that you feel more captivating and effective then do comment and share about it.

‘Brand Visualization’ is an essence to connect with the audience

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