“ZARA” is all about Fast fashion, Creativity, and Style. It’s a powerful clothing brand located worldwide. It is a luxury brand which has mid-range products with high quality as well and that is what makes the brand special.  If I would have to do a social media post for “ZARA” then I will post these pictures to promote the brand.  All these pictures are taken from Nexus 5.


Dapper Look in Blue Suit

For men, ZARA is all about suits. This look in ‘ink blue suit’ helps to keep the feel of the brand. The picture reflects confidence and individualism. Dark tan shoes give contrast to the look and red pocket square provides a bit of sharpness which makes the image come more alive. The picture was taken outdoor which helps to show self-assurance. As it can be seen black shirt was used instead of white to portray fashion and delivers a message to do something different, aggressive yet calm.

The background has been blurred to provide more focus on the person and the personality. It also creates depth of feel. Pixlr was used to edit the image. Sophia filter was applied to create focus and make the background dull while keeping the effects of the color.

Oxford Shoes

Zara is also about quality design and flexibility. The image of tan oxford shoes reflects the trendiness and high quality. Oxford shoes were first made in Scotland and appeared in North America in late 1800’s. They are a pure class with decorative details near the toe. Zara is about class too and has a wide range of these shoes.

The picture was taken with a blue background which helps to create contrast and the make the object more visible. A white shoe box was used as a podium to give more crispness. Some Instagram filters were used to dispense brightness. The framing technique helps to bring focus on the object.




Zara has a huge collection of accessories for daily lifestyle. This picture shows convenience. Why visit different stores when you can buy everything in one store? From ties to socks, belts to wallets, and sunglasses to pocket squares all available at ZARA. This picture has a black Saturn tie and a dotted pocket square for formal wears. A mini dot socks which is perfect for office wears. A brown leather wallet for all purposes,  a velvet red belt which is best for summer and a half frame matt finish black sunglass for daily wear.

The picture has been shot using ‘Pixlr app’ and a filter was used to give it a balance. The overhead shot was taken to create critical aesthetic. The look is symmetrical and a delight to watch. It helps to see many objects in one picture. A solid white background makes the objects look more dynamic.




Image Composition – Social Media Shots for ZARA

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