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Image editing is not easy as it sounds. It’s an art. There are some applications and tools which make it easier to edit an image. For this post, I have chosen brand “Cafe Demetre”.



This image was edited using Canva. It is an amazing editing tool that helps to do multiple things. It helps to create web designs, create FB covers, make presentations, blog graphics, posters, infographics etc. And the best part is that we can apply filters as well. So it’s an all-rounder tool that does everything and easily.

In this image, I used ‘drama’ filter to add some drama and make the background a bit dull while keeping the colors of the waffles. Then ‘epic’ filter was applied to increase some contrast in the center. I used different fonts to make the sub-heading and the body text clear. ‘Vampira one’ is been applied to the text (Waffles) and ‘Roboto┬ácondensed’ for the text (tongue depressor).



In this second image, Pixlr mobile editing tool was used on Nexus 5. This is a perfect app to apply different filters and text. Everything is on fingertips. You can do whatever you want with an image just using a mobile phone.

For this image, ‘Tony’ filter was used to make the background a bit blurry on the sides, and then ‘Josh’ filter was applied to make the colors bright in the image and create a little focus on the waffle. Then the text was applied to make the image appealing and convey a message. A remarkable change in the image when compared to the original and that too in just a few minutes.


Online Image Editing: Mobile And Desktop

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