“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a one minute video is worth a million”

In today’s world, everything is going digital and it becomes very important to cut the noise and tell your story. What could be the best way than using a video? In this blog, I will explain you “how-to” create a video using the app Instagram on your smartphone.

It’s time for some shopping!! #HM #RainingOutside #Thursday #DavidBeckhamCollection

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This video was shot with Nexus 5 using Instagram. It portrays the brand H&M and it’s new ‘David Beckham’ collection.

Instagram is one of the most growing platforms. Available on android, iOS and windows.  To reach 50 billion people, radio took 38 years, TV took 13 years and Instagram took just 1 ½ years. So you can imagine the reach of this platform.

To create an engaging video, first of all, you need to:

  • Choose specific topic or a brand – It could be anything that you want to show your audience and connect them with
  • Write down  your ideas – Jott down your ideas. It will come very handy when you start framing and designing your script
  • Plan your video – Know the message that you want to convey to your viewers, decide the length of the video and pick a location to shoot the video
  • Find a well-lit spot – Make sure that lighting is proper and when you shoot it is not dark

Finally, Record the video:


Instagram is very easy to use. It has a very user-friendly interface. You just have to press and hold the circle button to record the video. And when you release the button, it automatically stops recording and then you can start from there on again. This way you can make several cuts in a video. You also have the option to mute the video if you don’t want the background sound. The duration limit is just one minute on this platform but sufficient enough to tell your story.



Once you complete recording your video, you can apply different ‘filters’. In this video, I applied ‘Juno’ filter to make it more bright and create a texture of calmness. There are many more filters available like ‘Lark’ to enhance the contrast, ‘Claredon’ to provide a blue effect, ‘Moon’ for black and white effect etc.



The second most important feature is ‘Trim‘. If you decide to cut down the length of the video then you can use this feature. It shows you different frames and you can choose the starting and the end point of the video. For this video, I didn’t use this feature because I planned accordingly and it was a perfect shot.



The ‘Cover‘ feature gives you the option to choose an image for the cover of your video.  The images will be shots from the video itself.  You can scroll through the video and choose a cover. Believe me, it’s that easy.

Instagram is a great tool to make a video in just a few steps. You can make the video anywhere while you’re traveling. It will just take you a few minutes to shoot a video. Just make sure that you post your video in order to save it in your gallery.

Brands can use this platform in many ways to benefit the organization. Some of the major benefits of using this platform as a brand are:

  • Reach large audience
  • Track what followers are up to
  • Engage consumers with visual content
  • Offer native advertising
  • Can conduct Instagram contests

If you haven’t shot any video yet, then start your journey now towards your first video and tell your story to the world.


“How-To” Create A Video Using Instagram

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